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Energy Efficiency
A well-maintained HVAC system uses less energy to operate. A spring tune-up examines the air conditioning unit, and a fall tune-up checks the furnace. Preventive maintenance includes lubricating all moving parts, cleaning coils, cleaning drain pans and tubing, making sure burners operate efficiently, and calibrating the thermostat. Cleaning or replacing the filter ensures that air flows smoothly through the system, reducing energy usage by up to 15 percent.

Prolong the Life of the Unit
Over time, coils and fins become coated with dust and debris. The dirty coils and fins then impede airflow, make the unit work harder and cause more wear and tear. Proper airflow improves efficiency.

Reduce Frequency of Breakdowns
Dirty filters can cause your air conditioning system to stop working. Regular service by a qualified HVAC contractor will identify small problems before they become significant. Changing filters, tightening electrical connections and checking that the unit cycles on and off properly ensure that the unit operates safely and efficiently.

Lower Utility Bills
Using less energy lowers utility bills, keeping your hard-earned money in your wallet. Poorly maintained systems can use 20 percent more energy to operate. Proper refrigerant levels improve efficiency. Inspecting the ignition system and cleaning burners on gas furnaces helps fuel burn more efficiently by using less energy.

Better Indoor Comfort
Indoor comfort improves with well-maintained systems. The amount of humidity in a building affects indoor comfort. When a unit cycles on and off correctly, both temperature and humidity are better controlled.
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