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What is Fine Particle Pollution (PM2.5)?
  • It is made up of very fine dusts, soot, smoke and droplets that are formed from chemical reactions
  • It is produced when combustion takes place (e.g. burning oil or wood)
  • It is a common pollutant that is a widespread health threat
  • The 2.5 stands for 2.5 micrometers
  • In relative terms, a human hair is approximately 70 micrometers in diameter, making it 30 times larger than the largest fine particle
  • The Clean Air Act requires EPA to establish health and environmental standards for PM2.5

Health Risks Associated with Fine Particle Pollution
  • Causes watery eyes, stuffy noses, and chest tightness
  • Irritates the airways causing coughing or difficulty breathing
  • Decreases lung function
  • Triggers asthma attacks
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Nonfatal heart attacks
  • Premature death in people with heart or lung diseases
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